By:  J.J. Price

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Laura Marotta




Story Synopsis:


After a terrible first day of sixth grade at his new middle school, Ryan Evans’s life takes a dramatic turn when he comes home to discover a shocking family secret. Ryan’s grandfather, whose very existence has been kept from him, has died. As if that weren’t enough, he learns that his grandfather was a native Shaman. In ancient times, Shamans were believed to possess special powers.


Ryan’s grandfather has left him a mysterious pendant and a cryptic letter that reads, "Keep it close to you when you sleep and it will help you realize who you truly are and all that you are capable of achieving." As the mystery of the pendant begins to unravel, Ryan comes to understand the ramifications of his grandfather’s gift and its true meaning. During the day Ryan contends with typical sixth grade concerns: bullies, an angry teacher, and worried parents. But at night Ryan journeys into a strange dreamworld where dark spirits have invaded the land of the Meono tribe.


Ryan must overcome his fears to help his friends, Oni, Roli, and the rest of the Meono tribe, put an end to the devastation inflicted by the shadow creatures that are destroying their world. Will Ryan defeat these evil spirits before the Tri-Lunar Eclipse—and fulfill his true destiny?


AGES: 9-12



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A magical pendant whisks a young man into a perilous journey through his dreams in order to save a mysterious land in this exciting juvenile adventure novel.